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        Glow Scholarship Program




        To support gifted, dedicated and ambitious students to obtain the best education possible so they can make a difference in the development of their family, community and country.


        To provide a quality education to students who have shown their potential for academic excellence but do not have the financial means to obtain it.

        To administer a successful scholarship program at a minimal financial cost which changes the lives of the participating students and their families.

        巴萨五冠王The Program巴萨五冠王

        Our Scholarship Program enables us to provide a quality private school education to a qualified gifted student. This is a life changing experience for the child or young adult. Without this support, they are likely to remain relatively uneducated and have very few opportunities upon graduating high school. A quality private school education provides an opportunity to break the poverty cycle.

        GLOW covers the entire cost of administering the program. When you partner with Global Office Works a portion of your service fee will be contributed towards the education expenses of a student in a quality private school. You will be introduced to the student we sponsor and receive regular reports regarding their progress and successes.

        Once you become a client partner of Global Office Works, we begin the process of identifying and enrolling a student. You will be making a very large difference to a child’s life and have a positive impact on their quality of education, Contact Us now .




        • 巴萨五冠王USA 巴萨五冠王

        400 N. Park Ave, Suite 10B Breckenridge Colorado 80424 United States Phone: 970.722.6300

        • 巴萨五冠王AUSTRALIA 巴萨五冠王

        #3 Industrial Crescent Lemon Tree Passage, 2319, N.S.W Australia Phone: 024.040.9814


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