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        Just like traditional marketing, the main purpose of digital marketing is to utilize various online channels to reach increasingly connected consumers in an engaging and compelling manner.

        What is a Digital Marketing Specialist?

        A 东方网上海Digital Marketing Specialist东方网上海 is responsible for designing strategies on how to effectively create meaningful audience interactions that ultimately lead to conversions and profit. ?They plan and execute marketing campaigns, and maintain and supply content for the organization’s website.

        Here is a list of digital marketing executive roles and responsibilities:

        • Develop and manage digital marketing campaigns
        • Manage an organization’s website
        • Optimize content for the website and social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, etc
        • Blogging and Content Creation
        • Track the website traffic flow and provide internal reports regularly
        • Fix any error in online content and arrange webinars and webcasts
        • Identify new digital marketing trends and ensure that the brand is in front of industry developments.
        • Work on SEO of the website pages.
        • Edit and post content, videos, podcasts, and audio content on online sites.
        • Promote the company’s products and services in the digital space.
        • Execute social media efforts to improve KPIs, likes, shares, tweets, etc.
        • Creating and executing SMS, and email-based marketing campaign

        Our objective is for you to focus on your core business and have the luxury of spending time with your family and friends.

        Work with us! And get ready to transform your career by partnering with a brand that maximizes the totality of your career.

        Choose the right brand. Choose 东方网上海Global OfficeWorks.东方网上海


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