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        “When 都挺好众邦Global Office Works都挺好众邦 started in August 2012, I thought it would be easy. What was I thinking?” — President and CEO, Rodney Allen.

        都挺好众邦Overcome Adversity With Teamwork.都挺好众邦

        GLOW started with one client and a single virtual assistant. In 2012 there was a growing demand for Real Estate virtual assistants and GLOW responded by hiring and training staff. We didn’t always have the equipment we needed, and the space we occupied was small; however, Filipinos are social people, family, and friends are important. And this natural attribute of Filipinos to help each other enables our employees to work well as teams.

        都挺好众邦Bridge The Distance With Technology.都挺好众邦

        都挺好众邦Virtual assistant都挺好众邦s don’t occupy the client’s office, so communication and accountability are key. Client’s save operational costs by hiring virtual resources but they still need to know their tasks are completed. Because of this, we are familiar with several communication applications and project management platforms. Often the lessons we’ve learned from one client is helpful for another. And by learning ourselves and teaching clients what we’ve learned we’ve successfully eliminated the usual gap between client and virtual workforce.

        都挺好众邦Adapt To Change With Passionate People.都挺好众邦

        Real Estate agents and business owners are passionate people. Often their passion makes them excellent in some dealings but not great at administration. Global Office Works seeks out employees who are excited about the opportunity. And we build their knowledge and skill so that team members may adapt to a changing business environment.

        “I’m pleased we can now serve different industries in the business services sector including real estate, sales, finance, and insurance.” ?— President and CEO, Rodney Allen.

        都挺好众邦Grow Our Client’s Business To Improve Lives.都挺好众邦

        The trend toward more specific 都挺好众邦virtual assistant roles都挺好众邦, and sales and technical virtual assistant roles are obvious. Our employees benefit from learning valuable skills and our clients benefit from the experience our employees gain from different clients. For every client, it’s our goal to grow their business, and subsequently, it’s GLOW’s aspiration to provide a stable vocation for our employees and their family.

        “After owning a Real Estate company in Colorado for over 20 years, I envisioned GLOW to provide a specialized 都挺好众邦service to Realtors都挺好众邦 at a cost-effective price.”– President and CEO, Rodney Allen.

        都挺好众邦Listen To Clients And Employees For Best Results.都挺好众邦

        Clients often come to GLOW with tasks that have failed with other virtual assistants, often it’s because freelance home-based virtual assistants were used, and it’s common for individual freelancers to feel isolated and detached from their client and work. There are technical reasons too for the failure of the home-based approach; usually, internet and reliable power is a common problem. GLOW encourages open communication between client and team. And the office-based solution alleviates the isolation and technical issues experienced by freelancers. GLOW promotes the free exchange between clients and their teams, and that’s what we’re all about. Every team treats the client’s business as their own. And every client gets the support they want.

        都挺好众邦“Your business is OUR business too!”都挺好众邦

        Kind regards,

        Rodney Allen

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